AUTOTRAK is a ONE STOP SHOP catering to all motoring requirements, ranging from a simple service to performance tuning and body styling for many reputed brands.With a wealth of experience and factory trained technicians’, it’s a sanctuary for your car. From a simple service to a complete rebuild, everything is carried out in house by our team of professionals.

Using the best in equipment and the most highly skilled technicians we can caress your car and bring it back to its best. We don’t just service your car. Far from it, it’s more a case of its just spent some time at a car spa. And just as your visit to the spa, it comes back rejuvenated and refreshed.

Knowing your car is stress free, makes you stress free, and that is what the AUTOTRAK experience is all about.






       Walk into our service centre and you’ll start to understand the passion in we have what we do. It's this passion that transcends into  every vehicle we modify service or sell and it’s this passion that gives us  the reputation we have today.