Body & paint shop

It's not a repair shop, more a hospital for your car. Our insurance approved body shop can repair

any kind of damage. From a simple dent to the complete rebuild of a serious impact. Again the type of the car doesn't matter, from the most basic to the exotic we cater for them all.

Again using the latest in technology and most up to date equipment we can even straighten the car's chassis and restore the car to its original condition. We replace parts that require replacing and repair the ones that don't. Once the cars healthy we can then take it to the next step....

It's not a paint shop, but a beauty salon. Just as you go to make yourself look beautiful, our paint shop will restore the car to its original condition. Utilizing the latest paint technologies from BASF, which are also enviromentally friendly and kind to the ecology, we make you car spectacular. It is insurance approved and capable of delivering factroy standard paint finishes.

With the latest in paint ovens and mixing technologies, not to forget the best factory trained painters, your car will look better than the day it left the factory. We can even offer complete color changes and even special finishes. Anything is possible. In fact the only limiting factor is your imagination.





Services Include:

Body Work Repairs Painting Dent Repair Body Kit Installation & Accessories

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